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Why neatness counts!

  • People idealize the simplified life. We can’t all retreat to a farm or a beach hideaway, but we can create a calmer environment for ourselves by examining our surroundings, and how we manage our time and our possessions.
  • Peace of mind has become the ultimate consumer goal.* It is far more important, according to researchers, than the aspiration for wealth and possessions. And peace of mind, in part, can be achieved by improving your surroundings.
  • It’s easy for things to be complicated - the hard part is making them simple. And that’s where neatness counts! can help. Whether rearranging furniture, eliminating clutter or creating an overall organized feeling throughout your home or office, you will have more time to do the things you enjoy and be more productive when neatness counts! has helped.
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* Desire: Connecting With What Customers Want, Fast Company Magazine, Issue 67, February 2003, Page 86 By: Bill Breen
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