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Moving Out

  • We will discuss what you need to furnish your new space, what you may consider giving to family members, selling through a consignment shop or tag sale, donating to a thrift shop or simply pitching into a dumpster.
  • We will help you to organize any cartons that you are packing yourself so that the contents will easily be identified when delivered to your new location.
  • We will save you money since you will not be moving superfluous and outdated belongings to your new space -- things that you'll ultimately throw away once you get there and unpack.

Moving In

To provide a feeling of immediate comfort, we will place your current furniture in its new setting for maximum eye appeal and comfort.

  • We can handle all aspects of interior design and space management.
  • We will offer suggestions for possible additional furnishing and recommend color schemes for painting.
  • If all you need are the basics, we will suggest new floor coverings and window treatments.
  • With attention to detail, we will add the finishing touch with accessories.
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