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Staging - Before
Staging - After

How does staging work?

  • We may suggest certain objects be put away neatly so as not to distract from the core of the house.
  • In areas that look empty or uninviting, we will recommend the addition of houseplants, accessories, furnishings and rugs/carpets.
  • If areas suggest disrepair, we will call this to your attention, if your real estate broker hasn't already done so.
  • You may need to rent a dumpster to discard what you really don't need to move to your new home (yes, you will be organizing your possessions as you make your home more attractive to buyers!).
  • Curb appeal is imperative to entice a prospective buyer to step up through the front door. We can provide recommendations to welcome a visitor into your home and create a great first impression.
For more on staging, click here.

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