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How does designing and redesigning work?

If you already have definite ideas on how you want your home or office to appear, we ask you to share them with us through words and pictures, and we will incorporate that look into your environment. If you are undecided on a new style, we will discuss the feeling and effect you'd like to see in your own home and develop surroundings to satisfy your aesthetic sensibilities.

We create spaces and interiors that invite comfort and livability -- a great looking chair that isn't comfortable for you won't be found on our list of recommended purchases. The design of your home will evolve and emerge. The process is one of developing a look and seeing what unfolds -- it can't be forced.

Does neatness counts! have a design style?

Whether designing or redesigning, neatness counts! avoids predictable, stale and overly matched styles -- which too often are the mark of "decorators." We stay away from cookie-cutter design schemes that appear to be "design by formula," so often shown on today's cable TV home decorating programs.

We prefer elements that possess age and character. We're not big on stiff, stilted and overly pretentious furnishings -- rather, we choose wood pieces which show character through a well-worn patina, and shapes that are classics in design or fresh and original. We create settings that are subtle and warm rather than flashy and overdone. Using old country accessories and antique or vintage quilts is one of our favorite ways to make a room lived-in and inviting.

We are delighted to work with what you have, unlike some designers who insist on starting from scratch. We will reposition your furniture, re-arrange wall hangings and accessories, editing or adding as we see fit. I like to say that we when we re-design, we go “shopping” in your home or office, very often moving an item from one room to another, to use what you have to its best advantage and to give you a fresh look.

And we believe the greatest compliment made about a home neatness counts! has helped is, "It looks beautiful -- like it’s always been this way!” as opposed to, "You just redecorated!"

For help with your design projects, click here.
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