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When you are planning to move, the goal is to sell your home as quickly as possible for as high a price as possible. Sounds easy enough, but how do you actually do it? The key is to make your home as "neutral" as possible, so that that it has universal appeal. Putting your home on the market is not meant to be a showcase for your personal taste. Since most people lack the imagination to picture their decor in another space, the object in staging is to create a blank canvas so your belongings don’t distract from the potential that your home offers to the prospective buyer. In order words, you must make it easy for them to envision their furnishings within your walls. neatness counts! will make this happen

Another way is to be certain your home is as attractive as you can make it without wasting your money on extensive redecorating. Instead neatness counts! will rearrange your furniture and enhance your current possessions so your house looks its best. This process is known as "staging" your house for sale. While staging is already a "must" to sell homes on the West coast, now the importance of staging a house to encourage quicker sales is becoming better known to both real estate agents and homeowners nationwide.

The number-one culprit in an unattractive, non-sellable house is clutter. Most potential buyers are overwhelmed by the "stuff" and lack the imagination to look past it all to see the possibilities a house has to offer. neatness counts! will wear the organizing hat to rid your home of unsightly clutter so the "bones" of your house are more readily visible, that is to say, people will concentrate on room size, layout, etc, instead of unsightly mess and chaos.

For help with staging, click here.
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